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luni, 26 aprilie 2010


"And it is a new week, a new fresh start, no where to be found! sad and happy in the same time but not knowing which is best... the sun shines like the last time and I get lost in a sweet deja-vue ... no one can understand my language now, it is bizarre and even I can't translate it in my natural way!
the wind blows my hair over my face and it makes me want to cut it, but I won't. 20 more seconds and it will be green so I will past on the other side of the road, I'm scared cause the drivers don't pay attention to the signs! but are we?
a woman talks on the phone loader and she makes me nervous, her problems aren't mine and l want to talk to her, to tell her how small she really is in all this big world, but I'm not telling her anything, just like nobody told me that life is to damn short and repeating its self so that you can do the same mistakes again!
the green is on and I'm going back home, the lady stopped talking, and as I look back a crazy driver takes her small little life away...the time stops for a seconds and then everything takes a speed of light, she is dead lying on the zebra, it's red again and other cars move away as nothing happen...
what if I told her to shut up? will she be alive now?"
Crazy dream!

"そして、それは新しい週、新しい出発、ない場合発見される!悲しい幸せと同じ時間でどれが一番であることを知らない...太陽を前回のように輝いて、私は甘い既で失わを取得- VUEは...誰も今、私の言語を理解することができます、それは奇妙なとしても私は自然な方法でそれを翻訳することはできません!
私の顔に風が吹く髪、それは私が何を削減することができますが、私はしません。 20秒以上、それは私は過去ので緑色の道路の反対側となることが、私はおびえたドライバが標識に注意を払っていない原因だ!私たちは何ですか?

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