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vineri, 24 august 2012

Travel the world!

Bora Bora



 Australia zoo


 The Opera House

 Bora Bora

 New Zeeland

 Akaroa, NZ

 Auchland, NZ

 Akaroa, NZ

 Dunedin, NZ

 Whittier, Alaska

 Vancouver, Canada

 San Francisco 

 Skagway, Alaska



 Puntarenas, Costa Rica


    When I was 8 years old, I was telling my mom I will travel and see all the world! She was telling me I have beautiful dreams, and she is right, my dreams are very beautiful, as the places I have seen and put my legs on! 
   On the past two years I have visited Central America throw Panama Canal, Alaska, Vancouver, Miami, San Francisco, Jamaica, Australia, New Zeeland, Hawaii, French Polynesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Bora Bora!
   I would to it all over again in a minute, but all I have left now it the wonderful pictures I got!

I will come back with a review of the best places I have eaten in all the places I have been! <3 

love Simona! 

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4 comentarii:

hisao m spunea...

Awesome pictures!

simonaion spunea...

thank you!

Fashio nutter spunea...

this looks wonderfull. great images.

Sandra B. spunea...

amazing picutres dear <3