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Mikonos, Greece

One of my top places in Europe is for sure Mikonos! we had a full day to walk around and take pictures, it was impossible not to stop at every corner!

In Greek mythology Mykonos was the location of the battle between Zeus and the Titans, and the island was named in honor of Mykons, son of Anios who was a son of Apollo and nymphnamed Rio.
The predominant color of their houses is white, the streets are very small and it gives you the feeling you are in a labyrinth!  Cool feeling for me, I was feeling lost and then we would find the principal street again, it was like a game!

the contrast between the details and the white walls were hypnotizing me, like a simple painting under the suns colors!

cats were everywhere, happy me, I love a place that respects animals, especially cats! they were everywhere, the same as scooters! If you get to see Mikonos, be sure to watch yourself of scooters!

Dubrovnik I love!

we had a chilly day with to much sun! but the pictures are super! we spend only 60 dollars, having a coffee and eating a pizza, ice-cream, beers, buying magnets and taking the cable car up to the mountain!
 The best ice-cream!
 beautiful view, breath taking!

 the best view you get it up from the mountain, absolutely beautiful!
 the streets are small and beautiful!

Alexandra Stan <3 Romanian artist, I was very happy to see her poster on the walls of Dubrovnik!

Dubrovnik its a must see, not very expensive, they have one of the most delicious pizza and great beer! Croatians speak multiple languages and it is easy to get along!
the old town its the cherry from the top of the cake, I walked for hours and loved every corner of it!

We all love Venice!

Masks, Lovely water taxis, vintage, pizza and many other beautiful jewels that Venice has to offer to every p