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Petra, Jordan!

I arrived to Petra very early in the morning! We got a tour and we had a guide to explain to us what we were seeing! It was very hot outside and the sun was burning! The country of Jordan is a Muslim country so I covered most of my skin to be sure I don’t offend anybody! It was a good decision for me as well, I kept the sun away from burning my skin!

The view it’s amazing and the colors make you feel like you are on another planet, its red like Mars.

I had the chance to see the Monastery as well; it was my first priority, the place where they filmed Indiana Jones.
I got to see the tombs and to enter there and take pictures! I preferred walking and this is what I strongly suggest for you to do! If you have the chance to come and see Petra be sure you have some chocolates or other energy snacks with you and plenty of water!

The tombs are amazing, the whole lost city of Petra leaves you breathless, you don’t want to leave, it’s so beautiful! You can even eat there, they have small restaurants…


We had a Halloween night at work, I was a little vampire again! kisses!