Se afișează postări din ianuarie, 2013

Rangiroa Tahiti

One of the most beautiful lagoons in French Polynesia is in Rangiroa!

 A perfect place for snorkeling and enjoy the sweet sun!

I feel proud of myself for loosing weight and now I can comfortable wear a bikini and take pictures of myself!

Photos by Radu Niculescu!

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Saturday evening!

An overnight in Papeete it was all that we need it! We chilled an hour with some beer and some internet, writing back home and enjoying some new updates from our friends and family!

The weather was hot and wet, not very pleasant but we got some cool wind from time to time!
We had time for some snapshots as well, mostly of them are blurry cause of the poor light!

Afterwards we had a snack at McDonalds and chat for hours! It was a nice Saturday out in Tahiti!
How was your Saturday?

Shopping in Hawaii...

Some of the shoes I got! Very comfortable!

 I am on the 4th book already!

A very nice restaurant by the beach in Lahaina! They have nice service and food and great wi-fi! 
Jewelry boxes! I just love it!

      Came and went, the same our savings from the last month, but it was worth it big time!
We left Ross empty and I have no regrets! The list of shopping was huge and I only shared to you only a small part of it!

Thank you for visiting my page!
love, Simona!

2013 started with Hawaii

we celebrated with beer and salsa and pistachios! yum!

we attacked Ross big time! i bought 3 pairs of shoes, and more shopping is coming! I am so happy!
the weather is beautiful now in Lahaina and there are so many things to do here! I will come back with a post about the 3 pair of shoes that I bought!

new 2013

Sorry for the late post guys, but I had some work to do these days and I did not had time to write about the new Year’s party! We were the last people on the planet to celebrate the New Year and I worked all day so I barely felt it was something going on! I still braded my hair and got dresses and I had some sweet champagne to remind me than an old year had ended leaving new one full of surprises and dreams to discover!
At the end of the day I was surprised with chocolate strawberries and cookies! I hope 2013 will bring an end to an stupid war and will give us the peace we all need so much!
Love, Simona!