Se afișează postări din martie, 2013

Portraits, March 2013

Poza facuta in interiorul unui tub de lava! O experienta unica!

Si poze facuta in casa, cu lumina artificiala!

I am eating ice-cream in Papeete, French Polynesia right now, and I have to share these beautiful shots my husband took of me the last few days!
the ones on the top are taken in Hilo, Hawaii, and the light was just perfect! the second ones are taken on board the ship, Ocean Princess. I just love them!

a lovely day!

there is nothing better than to start your day at the gym for some stretching and some running in the open deck! to let a little bit of rain wash your face and watch the whales dance next to the ship!

we were lucky to see a beautiful rainbow at the end!
we ended the day with a beautiful dinner! it is nothing like a perfect day!
the secret is to start is well!