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the last week...

was very busy with work, but I still had some free time for my hobby!

in the mean time, my husband found in an brand store an Romanian blouse, from Forever 21! it was a surprise for me! of course it was not a hand made, but seeing my traditional blouse in an american store was something unique!

here are some of my work!

me at a japanese restaurant, blogging!
thank you for watching! many kisses from Alaska! Simona!

Life lately

the last few weeks passed like a dream! the weather is to warm for these places but I enjoyed it very much!
Victoria, Canada has always been warm for us! We ate at Subway and went shopping!

After few days we reached San Francisco!

we ate at the Panda Express! nice rice noodles and fried rice!

   We took pictures on the run, as you saw on the previous post!

 I started doing embroidery lately as well! I am still at the beginning! I have to work harder on it! but I really want to make my own Traditional Romanian blouse!

   See you soon!

Love, Simona!

Wearing my beautiful Ie in San Francisco

I waited for this moment for more than a month! It was the first time I could go out in San Francisco and I cached a perfect weather, sunny with no wind, but chili!

Even though the streets were full we still catch an empty street and an American flag!

The blouse is hand made, as well the necklace! It is a Romanian label and you can find on the internet many shops with Native Romanian hand made!
photos taken by Radu Niculescu!
Photos by Radu Niculescu!

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in Alaska with instagram

First in Skagway!

working on something! <3

and then Juneau!

The Japanese restaurant were we eat in Juneau!