I was painted...


please check the work! I am so honored to be painted again! <3 

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Anonim a spus…
Hey Simona, it's been a long time I want to comment your blog and now I find the courage to do it ^=^ You're so pretty hope you could success in your dream and become a model. I really hope you to realize your dream so I would like to give you some advices (hope it doesn't sound arrogant 'cause it's not) you should have a unique name or a surname, I mean when I wrote Simona ion on google, you are not the only one (even on google image) some people use the same surname as you that's why it will be better if you have an unique nope ? Moreover if an agency look on your profile it could saw the popularity you have ;) You should also put on your description your measurements ( Height, B, W, H and sometimes shoes) on every agency they look at it first. And finally you should gather all site/account where you are to help your fan to find you :DDD (sometimes you just put one adress and cetera, do you understand ? ) I really admire you!!! Hope you will realize all your dreams <3 GANBATTE !!!
Christina Klein a spus…
Amazing picture!

Christina Klein
Ann Banonymous a spus…
Hi Simona,
I'm trying to get in touch with you regarding a photo you posted on Deviant Art. Can you please get in touch with me? I sent you a message on Facebook with my contact info.
Ann B.
Patricia Ayuso a spus…
beauty picture ;) love your style!
kisses from spain

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