rice and veggies

I was in a very good mood so I decided to make a cooking blog today! As you all know, me and my husband, are lacto-vegetarians for 2 years, and we love vegetables, especially rice and broccoli!
I've made rice whit mushrooms, onion, carrot, and broccoli!

You need:
  • a spoon of butter;
  • 1 green onion and one normal dry one;
  • 5 big mushrooms;
  • 2 carrots;
  • 1 big cup of rice;
  • some broccoli.

You first was the rice and put it in a separate cup.
You cut the onions and put it to fry with the butter, when it gets the golden color you add up the mushrooms, in big slices;

 You put to boil the rice with water and add up the carrots; I cut the carrots in very small pieces, and be sure to add some salt, cause the carrots are sweet.

 The final part is the broccoli, you cut as much as you need, and add it up to the mushrooms!

You and salt and peeper and other herbs that you like, and leave them a couple of minutes! Be sure that your rice its still OK and not stick on the button.
The last of it, you put the mushrooms and broccoli in the rice and you mix them for another couple of minute so that the sweet juice from them gets to every corner, cover it and stop the fire. 

 The color is not that delicious but believe me the taste of it is! its very easy to make, it takes maximum 45 minutes and you can serve it as you want!

Bon Appetite!


his little lady a spus…
this looks absolutely scrumptious!!!
xo TJ

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