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Rome, Italy

we arrived there in the early morning and went to our hotel in Civitaveche, an hour distance from Rome! beautiful weather and beautiful places! after taking a quick shower we went back to Rome for pictures and food! we have not been disappointed! it was the best one day we had in Italy!

the Colosseum its so big and crowded! it was Saturday so it was packed with tourist from all around the world!

our hotel room!

The most important thing for us, as Romanians, was to see the Ark of Triumph, where our ancestors, the Dacians, are watching over from the top! An emotional moment for us!

I think Rome is a must see if you decide to come in Europe to see monuments and take really good pictures!
I really loved it there! many Romanians are working there and they are great people!

my journey continues with Greece!

kisses and hugs, Simona!


this is just a part of it! we are leaving soon and the next trip is long and exciting for both of us! I am only taking the necessary cause I am going to buy for sure!
most of my clothes now are from New Zeeland, even the jewelry I have now!

Some of them are from Romania, where you can find very cheap ones, cheaper than New Zeeland!