Christmas Tree

     I promised to show you my Christmas tree! And I took some pictures of it! As you can imagine is very small, but enough for us! I found some lights shaped as stars and it looks like a miniature tree from home!

I have few decorations this year but for our small cabin it is more than enough!

 I am almost finished with the first book of A song of ice and fire by George R.R. Martin, A game of thrones as you all know it from the HBO Game Of Thrones, believe me, the books is way better than the movies.

    I wish I was at home now, to listen to Romanian carols, to eat some Romanian cake, Cozonac, to freeze in the cold breeze of the Black Sea, to fall asleep under the Christmas tree waiting for Old Christmas to bring the gifts we all been waiting for!


ma bucur k si u simti spiritul craciunului la fel k si mine! referitor la carte........ador!!!!!!

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