Leah Dizon 2012

I think this news got me the best present I could ever want!
Leah Dizon has posted news about her, after a year of silence; she has posted on her blog about her Facebook page and she posted as well new pictures of her and her acting.

I am so happy to see her again, I was beginning to think that she is not interested of being a public person anymore and not post anymore for us, but the beauty queen is back and she is letting us know that she finished her acting business in New York and we will see more from her Facebook page!

This is her Facebook page guys, if you want to see more, I just posted her new pictures, I am so happy!

It has been a dream of mine to meet her, to have a full day with her, to go shopping, to get to know her and know how hard and beautiful her carrier has been so far! I would love to tell her myself how much I admire her!
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