The name itself takes you away from your home, especially now that it snows so much, or it rains and you are stuck with work and people you want to run way from!
Tahiti is a place to lie under the Sun, snorkel, swim with sharks and stingrays, take pictures of bungalows and just ignore the rest of the world.
I got to visit the islands for the second time this year and I have to say that Moorea stays my favorite!
This time I got to see more than last time, and the next time we are going around I am going to see all of what they have to offer!

The best thing about it is that the islands are not that big so you can take many tours from the locals, you can do a tour of the island with just 10$ per person.
People dream to come to Bora Bora, but I am telling you guys, Moorea is better and more flexible for you! <3

I got the chance to cruise around the beautiful islands of Tahiti and today it was raining beautifully, I just stayed under the cold drops and admired the peaks of the mountains that were playing hide and seek under the soft clouds.


Klaudia B. a spus…
great post :)

Klaudia B.
Simona Ion a spus…
thank you Klaudia!

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