The magic of the traditional

The magic of the traditional blouse is indescribable! 
The meaning of it is to keep up a good and clean way of expressing the nature of the human being!
The first traditional blouse I wore was in kindergarden. 
As an adult that has to work around the world, it is very hard being away of everything you know and love, working with people that have different way of living and traditions, it is hard to express yourself in a pure way! we adapt to situations, but in our hearts we still want to go back to the safe zone, home!
the traditional Romanian blouse is also known as the peasant blouse! wore by peasants on holidays, at church, weddings and other important occasions!
it is an ancient tradition for us! 
The oldest findings about the peasant blouse are in a sculpture showing a Dacian woman wearing a blouse just like the ones we are wearing now. The sculpture has almost 2000 years old.
As well you can find many paintings from the 15th century.

The language of the blouse  is still spoken today and passed from grandmother to granddaughter. A legacy from our ancient ancestors, the Dacians.
The Traditional Romanian Blouse is a noble blouse, that reflects the old, the new, the pure, sophisticated and simple, orthodox..

Photographer Radu Niculescu

blouse: Forever 21
belt: Urban
purse: Ross

Photos by Radu Niculescu!

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