Christmas time! Craciun Fericit!

           Surprisingly we were home for Christmas! Some things came up and keep us here, and it was very nice, after three years we finally celebrate with our family!

Surprinzator am prins si noi un Craciun in familie dupa 3 ani de zile! Ne-am bucurat nespus si am profitat din plin de timpul petrecut acasa!

Here is me with our little Sansa! she looks very spooky in the photo! But she is the sweetest dog ever! I will cut her hair when the spring is going to burst!

A venit si Sansa sa apara in poza, desi e un pic cam inspaimantatoare este o dulce, stiu ca trebuie sa o tund dar inca este pui si astept sa vina primavara sa nu raceasca!

I am wearing my beautiful red dress from Forever 21 with the golden belt from Urban and golden Guess watch!

Am purtat rochita de la Forever 21 cu cureaua de la Urban!

Presents? Oh yes! Coming soon in the next post!

Photos by Radu Niculescu!

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Diana Catanoaia a spus…
Foarte draguta rochia!
Un sfat, daca vrei sa corectezi inceputul articolului... Were, in loc de where...
Un an nou cat mai bun!!
Iris Ruiz a spus…
Gorgeous look and post! You have a new follower!

Amanda R. a spus…
That's lovely! It's always great to spend Christmas holidays with your family :D
I loved the pictures, the tree details are so inspirational!

Ann Grigorieva a spus…
beautiful blog! maybe we can follow each other?

welcome :)
Ann Grigorieva a spus…
beautiful blog! maybe we can follow each other?

welcome :)
Aleena a spus…
what a stunner :O
Patrícia M. a spus…
Lovely dress, it was a great choice to Christmas evening!
Thanks for your lovely comment, now following you dear.

Lovely dress :D M&M FASHION BITES

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