Cherry and sour cherry

       The fruits of red, the fruits of beginning of Summer, the smell of vacation, of relaxation, and not the least, detox.
      When I was a little girl, with no real stress with work and mean people, I would eat kilos and kilos of cherries in the summer, sometimes until I would get sick. Because of me, there would never be cherry jam in the house, there would never be cherries to make it.
      These days, women, most of the time, eat fruits only for losing weight or a small detox of the body, and the pleasure of eating fruits like an innocent child has faded away nowadays.

      Diet or not, the season of the cherries should be the one when you eat for a whole year, because cherries are here for a small period of the year; even if some blogs and websites tell you that you can gain weight from eating them, I would say DO IT, at least it is something natural, not some junk food.

       Sour cherries!
       I had a sour cherry tree in front of my window growing up, so it is one of my favorite fruits. It is full in Vitamin C, so you can't actually exaggerate with them. I could eat a kilogram, and still not get enough. But after a while I know I'd have to stop.

       Cherries or sour cherries, fruits will always be good for us, for our bodies or for the child inside of us. Fruits are important in our lives because they remind us what time of the year it is and they are helping us enjoy life.

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